Privacy Policy

KAWAJUN HONG KONG LIMITED shall comply with the following Privacy Policy to protect personal information



KAWAJUN HONG KONG LIMITED committed to safeguarding the privacy of individuals with respect to personal data. We ensure that our policies and practices in relation to the collection, use, retention, transfer and access of personal data comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486) under the laws of Hong Kong (the “Ordinance”).




KAWAJUN HONG KONG LIMITED shall use Personal Information only for the purposes and within the scope of activities it clearly specifies or announces. KAWAJUN HONG KONG LIMITED shall not use Personal Information for any other purpose unless prior consent has been obtained from the affected individual or unless such information is used for exceptional out-of-scope purposes that are permitted by law.



KAWAJUN HONG KONG LIMITED, when obtaining Personal Information, shall clearly announce the purposes of its use, the parties sharing such information, contact information and all other necessary information. Our conversations with customers regarding business transactions or any business-related queries may be documented or recorded to expedite our responses.



KAWAJUN HONG KONG LIMITED may send you via e-mail or postal mail information that we deem to be of value to you. Upon your request, we will promptly stop such direct-mail services.

To cancel newsletter subscription, please send “Unsubscribe from newsletter” via the CONTACT page.



KAWAJUN HONG KONG LIMITED shall maintain and update accurate Personal Information and shall take all necessary and appropriate preventive security measures available to us through updated technologies to protect Personal Information from being falsified, leaked or illegally accessed.



KAWAJUN HONG KONG LIMITED may entrust Personal Information to a third party for purposes that fall within the specified scope of activities involving Personal Information. In such instances, KAWAJUN HONG KONG LIMITED shall first ensure that the third party is fully compliant with security standards to protect Personal Information, and shall thereafter conclude an agreement with and conduct all necessary and appropriate management of such third party.



Upon your request to disclose or correct your Personal Information, or to stop receiving commercial messages about our products and services, KAWAJUN HONG KONG LIMITED shall take necessary actions to respond promptly in accordance with applicable regulations. Such a request must be sent to the contact to which you initially provided your Personal Information. Disclosure or correction of Personal Information shall be processed in writing; as a result, handling fees shall be incurred.



KAWAJUN HONG KONG LIMITED shall in no event disclose your Personal Information to any third parties without obtaining your consent in advance, except for disclosure of such information is requested by a regulatory entity required to protect the rights and properties of our company ;  parties identified as shared users at the time of obtaining your Personal Information.



KAWAJUN HONG KONG LIMITED shall endeavor to respond to complaints from our customers promptly and appropriately through a company structure specifically designed to facilitate such responses.



In order to properly handle the personal information entrusted to us, we will endeavor to continuously strengthen and improve the internal system, including reviewing this policy, through the establishment of internal regulations, employee education and the implementation of appropriate internal audits.


Cookie policy

  1. What is cookie

Cookie is a file that is temporarily saved on the computer of a website visitor in order for the website provider to identify the browser of the website visitor.

When a cookie is saved it allows the cookie issuer’s server to remember information such as site browsing information from the site visitor’s computer.


  1. Information obtained through cookie and etc.

The Company uses cookie or similar technologies to collect information such as the websites viewed by visitors to the site, search keywords, advertisements viewed and the number of clicks, browsing time, type of browser used, IP address, and company information within the range that can be determined from the IP address. This information does not include names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, dates of birth or any other information that can be used to identify individuals and the privacy of site visitors will not be violated.


  1. Purpose of use

The Company uses information on the browsing history of visitors to its website collected through cookie for the following purposes.

To improve the convenience of site visitors.

To display the most appropriate advertisements on the websites of the Company or third parties affiliated with the Company based on the usage status on the websites.

To research the number of users and traffic on our site.

To improve our services.

To resolve technical issues with our services.

To propose and provide products and services to our customers.


  1. How to set cookie

Visitors to the site can set their browsers to refuse to accept cookie or to delete cookie once they have been accepted. Even in those cases, browsing the website will not be interfered with the exception of certain functions.

For details on how to configure your browser, please contact the manufacturer of the software.


  1. Recipient and purpose of providing browsing history

The Company may provide browsing history to corporations that use our services, advertising distributors, advertising companies, other business partners like advertisers (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Corporations”). in an appropriate manner for the following purposes.

Provision of information that meets the interests and preferences of site visitors by this corporation.

Development, improvement, and provision of products and services by this corporation.

Proposal of products and services by this corporation.


  1. About the use of Google analytics

This site uses Google Analytics to understand the usage status of the site.

Google Analytics uses cookie to anonymously collect information about visitors to the site and

aggregate data about website trends without identifying individual site visitors.


For an overview of Google Analytics, please visit the Google Analytics website below: